Put Your Business on Google’s Front Page Consistently With Smart Bid Strategies and Campaigns That Convert

While organic SEO strategies deliver incredible ROI, they do not always have the power to help business owners reach their online goals on their own.

Enter search engine marketing (SEM), a strategy that makes use of paid advertising placements on giants like Google and Bing. Paid ads always sit on top of organic search engine results, which gives your business the prominent placement it needs to boost your marketing metrics.

According to Google, paid SEM ads on the AdWords and DoubleClick network helped advertisers earn $2 for every $1 they spent — a 100% return on investment! SEO experts also note that, when it comes to search engine queries with a buying intent, sponsored search results earn 65% of all search engine clicks.

With the right combination of strategies for the bid price, audience selection, keyword choice, copy, and offer, your business can quickly gain traction for its most vital campaigns. Performance success using SEM and pay-per-click (PPC) ads can thereby fuel other essential marketing channels, including raising organic search traffic or getting you a larger share of buzz on social media.

How SEM & PPC Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

  • Secure top placement on search engine results
  • Develop highly sophisticated bid and audience strategies that maximize your potential for conversion
  • Supplement existing digital marketing campaigns with a reliable source of lead clicks
  • Gather invaluable data on audience behaviors and marketing strategy performance that can enhance your other campaigns
  • Maximize performance for vital campaigns to help your business maintain favorable ROI

How JW Digital Marketing’s SEM & PPC Strategies Help You Earn More

Pay-per-click ads on Google rely on a complex formula that accounts for bid price and audience signals before placing an ad. Advertising businesses may, therefore, feel pressured to provide a competitive bid even while trying to target as broad of an audience as possible. These “spray and pray” strategies can have the unfortunate effect of generating thousands of placements and hundreds of clicks, but little in the way of leads. Since every click costs money, mismanaged SEM and PPC campaigns can quickly find themselves in the red.

At JW Digital Marketing, our SEM experts understand the essential strategies your campaigns need to drive actual revenue, not just clicks. We prioritize key audience segments that have the highest likelihood of conversion, and we target their search intent using calculated ad copy, keyword use, and offers.

Throughout your campaign, we monitor performance to trace meaningful metrics that reveal true ROI, such as your cost per lead. By continuously optimizing your campaigns and seeking out genuine returns, we maximize your results while keeping your net gains positive.

The end result: your business achieves performance, grows its lead sources, and earns more completed sales through efficient and smart use of PPC best practices.