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User experience (UX) and user interface have emerged as increasingly important to modern online audiences. As people grow more used to online environments and businesses continually provide more sophisticated online experiences, standards get raised for your own website.

JW Digital Marketing can help you meet and even exceed those standards with UI/UX optimization services from talented programmers and website design specialists. We can make your website more integrated into your brand, more easy to use, more likely to convert, more capable of creating positive impressions, or any combination of the above.

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Why Would I Want to Improve My Website’s User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX)?

People have hundreds — sometimes even thousands — of different options in your business category. They have also developed refined tastes after using sophisticated websites over the years. When they find a small business website that falls below their standards, they can have a tendency to seek out other business options that can provide a better experience or a more usable interface.

According to inbound marketing authorities at ImpactBND, 79% of people who do not enjoy their website experience will click the “back” button and find another site. This problem becomes especially common for mobile users. 21% of business owners admit that their website is not mobile-friendly, which can deter potential customers who use their smartphones, tablets and other devices to browse online. ImpactBND’s research found that over half (52%) of online users who have a bad mobile experience will be “less likely to engage with a company.”

UI and UX optimization services can prevent these sorts of bad experiences from happening.

User interface (UI) optimization focuses on the elements of a website people use to navigate and glean information. Improvements to UI can make someone more likely to spend a longer time on your site and thereby more likely to make a purchase. UI optimization also reduces the number of users who have issues as a result of confusion or mistakes.

User experience (UX) optimization focuses on the overall enjoyment someone may have when visiting a website. Graphics, layout, and technical elements like page load speed and all affect this experience positively or negatively. UX optimization, therefore, mainly focuses on turning your website into a seamless and branded experience that meets modern user expectations. Improvements to UX can raise your brand sentiment, enhance customer loyalty, and make website visitors more likely to convert.

Benefits of UI/UX Optimization to Your Business

  • Reduce factors that can lead to search engine ranking penalties
  • Provide positive experiences that encourage longer times spent on-site and a higher likelihood of returning
  • Elevate your business above competitors
  • Ensure your website is easily navigated and encourages conversions
  • Integrate your branding into your graphics, UI, and overall online environment
  • Improve website features like contact forms, eCommerce, social media integration, and customer support

How JW Digital Marketing Works to Improve Your UX/UI

JW Digital Marketing’s website building and optimization team include multiple people who study the cutting edge of current UX and UI best practices. We always stay abreast of current standards, such as Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines and credit card companies’ guidelines for preventing eCommerce fraud.

We also look at the story your own website data tells. By examining visitor history and behaviors, we can identify action items to fix usability, navigability, and overall site experience. For instance, pages with low conversion rates can often be optimized with better UI design or more compelling in-brand UX elements. We can also review past site complaints to determine users’ biggest sticking points.

With this data, we can assemble a complete picture of where your website is now and where the potential it could soon achieve in the near future. We then design and implement UI/UX optimization changes that check off your business’s goals, one by one.

Next comes the most important part: testing. In order to ensure your website has meaningfully achieved its goals, we examine user behaviors throughout the next few weeks. Then, we make further optimization changes. The cycle then repeats as needed.

This process ensures that you take a comprehensive look at your website to determine its biggest opportunities and to leave no chance at improvement overlooked. In the end, JWDM can completely overhaul not only your site’s look but also its performance and its end effect on your most important customers.

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