JW Digital Marketing: An Invaluable Member of Your Business Team

Who We Are

JW Digital Marketing acts as a full-service marketing agency and business support team capable of putting your business in a position for success online. Our internet marketing experts can quickly assess the current state of your digital marketing programs and project a clear path to improvement.

We help you achieve your online marketing goals through a variety of means, including:

A Holistic Approach to Online Marketing That Gets Your Programs Firing on All Cylinders

Business owners get the full range of attention their marketing programs deserve when they engage with JWDM. 

We always identify the foundational factors your business needs to address before it can achieve its top-level goals. Then, we apply our decades’ worth of collective knowledge to build strong digital marketing programs from the ground up. These successful programs can then provide momentum for other marketing and business channels.

Holistic markers of good business health we prioritize for our clients include:

  • Extensive online reach and visibility
  • High conversion ratios
  • Improved brand awareness and brand sentiment
  • Fluid movement through your cross-channel campaigns
  • Substantial ROI per-channel and for marketing as a whole
  • A high rate of success for individual campaigns and promotions

What Makes JW Digital Marketing Different? We Are There for You Whenever You Need Us

Business-to-business relationships thrive on dependability. At JWDM, we make ourselves available to clients to help them work step-by-step through their ongoing marketing projects and goals.

Our clients enjoy consistent follow-through during every step of the process. We reveal the parameters of online marketing success they should aspire to before propelling them towards those goals with our knowledge, skills, and attention to detail.

As our client, you will never feel stranded or left hanging. Your comprehensive services include education and ongoing transparent measurement of your key performance indicators (KPIs). You always stay in the loop and aware of your project’s current progress. 

We also provide you with ongoing follow-up and check-ins to ensure our efforts stick. For most clients, our job is never truly finished because good digital marketing practices mean constantly adapting and improving in light of ongoing data. 

These services go above and beyond what most digital marketing companies are willing to offer. 

Enlisting our help earns you a digital marketing ally for the life of your business — call us any time! We always respond with actionable advice and can start new projects to help bolster the health of your business as a whole while always focusing on the next big goal at hand.

Because we are so thorough, you can depend on us!

Who Is Jennifer Waggoner?

Founder and CEO of JW Digital Marketing, Jennifer Waggoner has immersed herself in the digital world since the early days of the internet. 

Before creating JWDM, Jennifer served as a senior accounts manager for a major Atlanta SEO company. Jennifer’s experience as an accounts manager taught her the value of forming close working relationships with clients. The mark of a good account contact is someone who can not just follow through on meeting your needs but also anticipate them — a skill Jennifer now wields with adept proficiency.

T.C.B., or “Taking Care of Business” could serve as Jennifer’s unofficial motto. Her thorough, holistic approach to client needs means that tasks are done on time and executed to the degree they require in order to bring about the final markers of a job well done.

Whether working with Jennifer or her peripheral team of SEO, SEM, website building, or digital marketing experts, you can always anticipate that the people she trusts will be T.C.B. and getting things done!