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Thousands of small businesses find retail or software sales success with minimal overhead thanks to the power of eCommerce platforms. Your business can join the ranks of profitable eCommerce operations with marketing, branding, and support services from JW Digital Marketing. We provide best-fit solutions across multiple channels to meet your business’s needs holistically.

If you need a partner to identify the changes your business needs to make to become more profitable with minimal stress, then JWDM has the team you need in your corner.

Why Does eCommerce Matter for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?

eCommerce sales supply one of the biggest sources of economic growth in the United States and around the world. According to estimates from eMarketer, eCommerce sales grew 23.2% in 2017, whereas overall retail sales grew by just 5.8%.

Every year, online buying becomes more of a habit woven into the natural tendencies of consumers. 69% of Americans say they have purchased online before. 37% say they prefer to shop online compared to a brick-and-mortar store. 43% say they shop online regularly.

Heavy hitters like Amazon and WalMart have not eaten the entire pie, either. While Amazon occupies a substantial slice of eCommerce sales, for instance, other online sales have a 60% majority. Business owners should definitely consider themselves a viable alternative to these retail giants, which can often lack the focus or loyalty-inspiring branding that more nimble operations provide.

When it comes to your business, eCommerce sales could represent a huge opportunity for you to share in this growth. You can turn your website into a 24/7 storefront, and you can also reach customers from all over the world. JW Digital Marketing wants to help you tap into that potential with minimal stress and maximum efficiency. We identify the core priorities you need to meet, and we also partner with you so that you can focus on the areas of your business where you matter most.

For existing eCommerce operations, marketing and business support services from JW Digital Marketing can improve your processes to meet your most pressing business goals. We can help our clients ship more orders, grow their order sizes, reach a broader audience, achieve greater marketing ROI, make their operations more efficient, or launch a new eCommerce brand successfully.

In either case, eCommerce presents businesses with the chance to multiply their revenue streams and grow their customer base exponentially. Partner with JWDM to shine the path forward to sales success that melds your online retail and offline sales channels seamlessly.

Benefits of eCommerce Services for Your Business

  • Identify opportunities for sales growth or improved profitability
  • Hone marketing campaigns to bring in more sales and ROI
  • Coordinate multichannel or omnichannel marketing activities to work as a seamless whole
  • Integrate eCommerce sales into existing operations with consistent branding and messaging
  • Reach higher-value audience segments and convert them more frequently
  • Solve problems within your eCommerce fulfillment process or online platforms to reduce customer churn
  • Earn more online customers by building a stronger, more likable brand

How JW Digital Marketing Helps You Grow Through eCommerce Marketing and Support Services

JW Digital Marketing acts as your business partner to help you identify the changes you need to set and achieve realistic sales goals. Every client engagement begins with a holistic assessment of your overall business health, and then we procure the talent you need to accomplish tasks that build you a more profitable operation, step-by-step.

Specifically, we can implement marketing campaigns that earn you reliable traffic and conversions. Or, we can bolster your brand strength online through content campaigns on email, social media, or search engine advertising. Many of our clients benefit from SEO campaigns that rely on content creation to help you capture search engine traffic for queries that have a strong purchase intent.

Whatever services you require to meet your goals, we are capable of providing them. We can also coordinate these services in conjunction with our other marketing services so that every marketing channel maximizes your opportunities while helping you overcome your weaknesses.

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