Cultivate a Branded Website That Pulls in Visitors and Keeps Them Coming Back

Website content now acts as a major differentiator between businesses competing for online leads. Content attracts potential customers to your site through search engine listings and viral shares. Great content keeps them there for longer, letting them get to know your brand while encouraging them to enter your marketing funnel.

92% of consumers say they use the internet to discover local businesses in their area, often through a simple Google search. 27% say they search for businesses online every day, and that number increases to 54% when looking at 18-34-year-olds.

While these individuals may be satisfied with finding a Facebook or Yelp listing, the truth for your business is that you have no control over these channels. A business website serves as the only place online where you have 100% control over its appearance, functionality, and performance. Social media platforms change constantly, often forcing businesses to adapt in their wake. Review sites, while they try to remain fair, constantly pit your business against your competitors.

Creating a bounty of content allows customer leads to discover your brand on your terms, and it encourages them to form a relationship while they glean valuable information from your pages.

How Website Content Brings You ROI

  • Grow traffic through search engine leads and content shares
  • Encourage repeat site visits and customer conversions
  • Be seen as an authority in your industry by consumers and publishers
  • Develop a keyword strategy that reliably competes for customer clicks
  • Build out a repertoire of great content that enhances long-term search engine discoverability
  • Create a more complete, robust, and informative website experience
  • Earn trust that strengthens your brand position

JW Digital Marketing Website Services

JW Digital Marketing creates outstanding content for visitors to dig into, positioning your brand as a helpful expert. Every single page and blog we produce stems from research on your brand and your unique audience. Using a content strategy that embraces education while acknowledging the keywords audiences use to discover your site, we help you earn search engine rankings while also helping you earn loyalty.

We write content that is readable, engaging, and informative. Our writers always follow best practices for style and grammar, abiding by Google’s quality standards that can help you rank.

The content on your site can answer common customer questions, and it can also help visitors keep up-to-date with the latest industry developments. All the while, it subtly weaves in keywords and calls to action, helping you turn casual search engine users into interested customers.

Ready to start crafting a value-packed website worth visiting? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our capabilities for custom content creation.