If you hope to ever reach your target audience, digital marketing is an absolute must. Digital marketing encompasses a variety of different services, but one of the most important is paid advertising. With paid advertising, you can see near-instant results, especially compared to organic growth tactics like SEO. It is essential to any campaign while organic traffic is growing.

At JW Digital Marketing, we offer a variety of advertising services to help you meet your goals. We can help you get right in front of your audience, no matter where they “live” online. As more and more people are using tools to avoid seeing ads online (or just avoid clicking on them), you need an expert to make sure your advertising efforts pay off.

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Our Digital Advertising Services

If there’s an opportunity to reach your audience through digital advertising, we can help you do it. Some of the most common ways we help our clients advertise to their target audience include:

  • Google Ads: Google AdWords allows you to reach the broadest audience possible through ads that appear at the top search engine results for specific keywords that we bid for on your behalf.
  • Bing and Yahoo! Ads: While Google is much more popular than Bing or Yahoo!, ignoring ads on these platforms means ignoring an entire segment of potential customers.
  • Display Advertising: Though display ads like banners are becoming less popular, they can still be extremely effective if they are created properly and targeted to the correct audience.
  • Media Placement: Beyond display ads, our services include placing advertisements in traditional media, such as magazines, TV, radio, and more to make sure you have the greatest reach possible.
  • Big Data Advertising: Consumer data is readily available nowadays, and taking advantage of demographic, behavior and geographic data can make sure your advertising efforts are directed to the exact right people.
  • Social Media Advertising: Depending on your audience, timeline and display ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can be highly effective.
  • IP Target Advertising: IP mapping systems allow you to target specific IP addresses, which allows you to present hyper-targeted, personalized ads to certain audiences, therefore improving your return on investment.
  • On-site Marketing: Efforts like site testing and landing page design allow you to ensure anyone who comes to your website will have a positive experience, and therefore more likely to purchase your products or services.
  • Native Advertising: Native advertising appears in the same format as other media on a site, such as a “sponsored story” on a news site, which increases the likelihood of users clicking on your link.
  • Video Advertising: Video ads appear on a variety of sites, and provide an interactive approach to advertising that will more likely lead to potential customer engagement.

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If you’re ready to reach your audience effectively, it’s time to start advertising. At JW Digital Marketing, we can help you go beyond traditional measures like SEO and content marketing to target your potential audience and maximize your ROI. Our experts are here to help you. Give us a call at (470) 264-4875 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation quote today!