Build an Audience and Earn Their Loyalty Through Smart Social Media Marketing Strategies

Whether you want your business to have a minimalistic presence on social media or you want it to be the next viral influencer, every business can benefit from some form of social media branding strategy.  Modern audiences expect to see your business on social platforms. When they cannot find your profile, they may even make one for you, putting you outside of the loop for what your audiences say about you.

JWDM helps businesses seize the opportunities social media offers by giving them a strong, well-defined strategy that supports their branding goals and unique ideals. Our branding and marketing experts tailor their services to fit those goals while delivering on the high expectations that modern, socially connected audiences have. Your social strategies also reinforce your other marketing efforts, bringing you more leads, traffic, opt-ins, or other conversions to help each marketing dollar you spend go further — and bring in bigger returns.

Get a Grip on Your Social Presence, And Start Using Social Media Strategies That Fulfill Your Goals


Why Do Businesses Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social media has risen as the dominant mode of media consumption for millions of Americans. Around 70% of U.S. adults have at least one social media account, says Pew Research, and more people now use social media than newspapers as a source of breaking news. The implication: your business might be invisible to a huge portion of your target audience online if you do not have a social media presence. your business might be invisible to a huge portion of your target audience online if you do not have a social media presence.

While not every business necessarily needs social media marketing, every business needs an online brand. Social media platforms increasingly serve as proof of existence for business brands. This trend relates to the demand for “social proof” from audiences, who trust brands more readily when they are exposed to the brand through the social activities of their friends and peers.

Over half of consumers now expect brands to engage with them on social media when they have a comment or customer issue. Brands not prepared to respond professionally in these moments can easily create bad publicity that spreads like wildfire to millions of potential customers.

Social media also provides a cost-effective option when trying to amplify the success for your other marketing channels. You can earn organic traffic through high-quality content creation, or you can use social media advertising strategies that offer excellent ROI. Just one successful social post or ad can be enough to boost the success of an individual campaign or promotion significantly.

JW Digital Marketing wants your business to be aware of the benefits social media can bring. Many of our clients struggle with determining how to make social media work for them. We always start by analyzing their goals, and then we take steps to determine the best course of action to start meeting those goals. Those steps can be as simple as creating a more complete social profile and then configuring it to automatically share brand updates from your website, or they can be as complex as creating a content campaign to build audiences and increase brand awareness.

No matter what our course of action, JWDM always ensures that your business keeps social media opportunities in its sights. That way, you can proactively cultivate positive brand associations online, rather than reactively respond to a social crisis you did not even know was happening.

Benefits of Social Media Branding and Marketing for Your Business

  • Monitor and influence conversations about your brand online
  • Provide a profile on relevant platforms for audiences to research your brand and interact with it
  • Build audiences and brand awareness through outstanding content
  • Cross-promote for other campaigns to amplify your results
  • Project a likable, trustworthy brand through consistent messaging
  • Offer an alternative channel for customer support
  • Proactively manage your social reputation to mitigate PR crises

How JWDM Makes Social Media Marketing Worth Your Effort

Recognizing the power social media has for encouraging certain brand-boosting behaviors, JW Digital Marketing includes a look at current social media opportunities within the holistic brand evaluations we offer clients. We take stock of your social capital and determine how your current social media activities help or hurt your brand.

Including social media in our business analysis allows us to see your brand as online audiences see you. Then, we can examine your goals and determine the best course of action to take on social media to help you fulfill those goals.

Not every client needs or wants a detailed social media strategy, but at the very least we consider what social media can offer them. In many cases, brands discover that a simple social strategy is enough to improve their brand reputation and plant the seeds for customer conversions. Other times, social media marketing strategies can provide the crucial toolset businesses need to find audiences, increase website traffic, earn more email addresses, convert leads, or otherwise make their campaigns more successful.

Let JWDM take a look at your current social capital to see how social media marketing can benefit your business. Our knowledge and experience give your business the perspective it needs to tell exactly what social media activities make the most sense for achieving your long-term goals.

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