Raise Your Online Review Scores and Improve Your Social Reputation Using Proactive Strategies

Consumers online face many choices when seeking goods and services. Often, the only way they can make their decision is to rely on the experiences of others. Reviews, recommendations, and opinions of their peers can strongly influence their desire to learn more about your business — or skip over it and give your competitors a chance.

Online review scores and peer recommendations act as a lynchpin for your digital marketing strategy. Businesses, especially locally-focused businesses, must find ways to actively cultivate a demonstrably positive attitude online. They can accomplish this by encouraging all customers to leave reviews while simultaneously addressing issues likely to result in a negative experience.

97% of business owners say that these sorts of proactive online reputation management strategies are an essential part of running their business. 31% of internet users also say that online reviews are their most trusted source of accurate product information, putting them ahead of recommendations from their family and friends.

How Online Reputation Management Helps Your Business

  • Increase your visibility on search engines and local business listings
  • Earn more customer conversions
  • Raise your review scores to make your business more prestigious
  • Compete for industry awards and local “Best Of” lists to gain PR and backlink opportunities

Make Your Online Reputation Soar With JW Digital Marketing

JW Digital Marketing helps businesses address their online reputation concerns with a number of strategies — each customized to suit your business’s unique needs.

One such strategy is to make the act of leaving a review effortless and even rewarding. Many customers who have positive experiences don’t bother leaving a review, whereas those who have a negative experience tend to leave a review more frequently.

Actively resolving customer sticking points while offering unexpected added value provides another effective method for increasing the likelihood that people will have nice things to say about your business online.

Data serves as the key during any online reputation management process. By looking at your current online reviews and other available markers of customer sentiment, you can bring out the positive qualities of your business that help you earn loyal customers. You can also diminish the effect of factors that tend to frustrate people, such as introducing a client queue system to reduce the impression of long wait times.

No matter what strategy is needed, JW Digital Marketing identifies it and puts it into action. We also continually optimize based on current performance and all available data.

Over time, your business will be able to reach towards those near-perfect scores and near-perfect experiences that happen time and time again.