Amplify Your Campaigns and Stay Top-of-Mind with Loyal Customers Using the World’s Most Effective Marketing Channel

Email plays a quiet role in helping businesses attain some of the most effective digital marketing results of any strategy. Despite email no longer playing a role in the public eye, email remains a vital tool for the average internet user. Because the channel can facilitate 1:1 conversation and cut through the clutter of competing for content, it has become an effective method for retaining customers, nurturing leads, and earning opt-ins for promotions.

One study even found that email marketing can help businesses achieve $38 in returns for every $1 spent. Further research notes that 73% of millennials prefer to contact businesses via email. The second statistic alone illustrates how businesses need an email communications strategy even if they don’t intend to use email for marketing purposes.

At JW Digital Marketing, our expert knowledge empowers clients to achieve a high standard of communication and promotion through email marketing. Our email marketing strategies allow you to retain long-time customers while nurturing new leads through your sales pipeline. You can also promote your upcoming campaigns and offers in effective ways, underpinning your other marketing efforts along the way.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Business

  • Develop effective, instant communication between your customers and leads
  • Cross-promote campaigns and offers to drive sales
  • Foster loyalty among past customers with value-packed content or friendly reminders
  • Turn leads into paying clients through content funnels and can’t-miss promotions
  • Create custom automated campaigns that drive engagement to priority channels
  • Optimize your open rates so that each penny spent on email marketing offers ROI